Change log
2.1.0 (7/26/2022)
  • Edited form for public procurements
  • Text changes in vacation requests
  • Added option for selecting only half-day vacations
2.0.9 (5/31/2022)
  • Added personal questionnaires for agreements to users working on agreement
  • Added the option to upload a file to the application for the job vacancy
2.0.8 (1/31/2022)
  • Added form for affidavit concerning concurrent employment
2.0.7 (1/11/2021)
  • Added section Requests for use of the social fund
  • Added form Notification of changes in the provision of employer's contribution
2.0.6 (9/20/2021)
  • Added form for notification of arrival from abroad for students and employees
  • Added a table for overview of student arrivals from abroad for study departments in Students category
2.0.5 (7/27/2021)
  • Added a new reason for absence in time sheet
  • Edited time sheet Excel table when deleting a reason of absence
2.0.4 (4/6/2021)
  • Change of Employee clearance certificate Into an archive of these forms
2.0.3 (4/28/2021)
  • Edited electronic acknowledgement of studies
  • Edited buttons in Testing
  • Added exports to Testing
2.0.2 (4/26/2021)
  • Added home office pre-filled field in time sheet
2.0.1 (4/23/2021)
  • Added section for student testing for COVID-19
  • Confirmation of attending test for the certificate for AG SARS-Cov-2 presence
2.0.0 (6/4/2021)
  • Application was rewritten in .NET 5
  • Students can download electronic version of acknowledgement of student status
  • Minor technical and visual changes
1.1.9 (2/24/2021)
  • Added an option to attach files to the universal personal profile form for agreements
1.1.8 (1/28/2021)
  • Added student address to the Acknowledgement of student status form
1.1.7 (1/27/2021)
  • Option to také an an old vacation
1.1.6 (1/20/2021)
  • Added number of hours in the vacation form
1.1.5 (3/12/2020)
  • Edited options for sharing of tender applications
1.1.4 (11/20/2020)
  • Adjustments in the administrative section for the administration of job vacancies and applications for tenders
1.1.3 (1/11/2020)
  • Start of the job vacancy administration within the application
1.1.2 (9/18/2020)
  • Added university email to student forms
1.1.1 (8/26/2020)
  • Fixed business travels in time sheet
  • Enabled secretaries to edit time sheet dates
1.1.0 (7/14/2020)
  • Added universal link to personal profile form for agreements
  • Added forms for the provision of the employer's contribution to the supplementary pension insurance with a state contribution and for the provision of the employer's contribution to the private life insurance
1.0.9 (11/6/2020)
  • Fixed applications for student with minor and maior studies
  • Text changes in personal profile form
  • Edited vacation application format
1.0.8 (12/2/2020)
  • Edited texts of the employee clearance certificate
  • Edited selection of employment relationship number
  • Edited health insurance selection in personal profile form
1.0.7 (1/15/2020)
  • added new functionality enabling to send a link to the personal profile form directly from the ELF2 app, users can choose whether they want to send Czech or English version of the e-mail message
  • added option to reset the link to the personal profile form in case the original link was a damaged
  • text edits
1.0.6 (9/12/2019)
  • split of the first name and surname fields in personal profile forms
  • text editing in personal profile forms
  • fixed print error of some forms
  • split of the statement of work form for academic and technical and econoimic workers
  • added option for filling in 1/2 day vacation form
  • edited request to change account number - added fields for foreign bank accounts
1.0.5 (11/22/2019)
  • edited statement of work - print differentiated for academic and technical-economic workers
  • revised printed Excel form for statement of work
  • launched unified online personal profile forms (employment, agreement on working activity, work agreement) for HR officers
  • launched an online employee clearance certificate for HR officers
  • launched an online personal questionnaire for agreements for other UP employees
  • launched a staff evaluation form
1.0.4 (5/8/2019)
  • statement of work of setting individual days of the week in the attendance records, including the possibility of setting up an even and odd week
  • working time fund is calculated according to the set statement of work
1.0.3 (7/31/2019)
  • employee with more than one employment relationship at one organization unit can select the employment relationship for specific form
1.0.2 (6/17/2019)
  • change of vacation form – users can print more vacation forms at the same time in previous forms
1.0.1 (3/25/2019)
  • edited printed statements of work of employees
  • edited requests for change of employee’s personal data
  • added bulk print of statements of work
  • added print of blank requests